Pure Wellness Programs by Trivedi Wellness

Trivedi Wellness is a pure wellness model based upon a unique phenomenon of Energy Transmission known as The Trivedi Effect®.
The Trivedi Effect® is introduced by Mahendra Trivedi who is gifted with a unique ability to transmit Universal positive energy through his thoughts. This energy helps individuals to strengthen their connection to their inner guidance system and ultimately to the Universal source of Intelligence.

Why Trivedi Wellness?

Present day lifestyle puts a lot of mental and physical stress on people’s lives. Often, in the quest of achieving success and prosperity, people surround themselves with various problems like hypertension, cardiac disorders, emotional tensions, relationship issues, depression, sleeplessness and anxiety. For relief, they seek help from various therapists, physicians and counsellors and end piling up medicines. Various therapies also fail to provide any fast or long term relief to them.The Trivedi Effect® has come up like a ray of hope for people seeking mental wellness and relief from various stress and psychosomatic problems. Energy transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi connects people directly to the source of Universal Energy so that their ability to handle life situations and various problems get enhanced.

The Trivedi Effect® acts wonderfully on the overall outlook and perspective of individuals, taking them to the path of achieving pure wellness. After receiving the Energy Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi, people have reported to have felt a surge of positivity, inner peace and a new confidence to perform better. They have also felt and developed an improved and positive outlook towards life and have also experienced improvement in their relationships.

Trivedi Wellness aims to explore more beneficial impacts of The Trivedi Effect®, in order to discover a paradigm that can show a way towards complete physical and mental wellness